About Kashmir

The state of Kashmir is mainly conquered by the valley which is recognized for it’s all over the world for its beauty and charm and in a trip to Kashmir one can see the magic land of silvery snow-capped mountains, snow clad mountains, deep valleys streams, rivers, fresh water lakes along with shikaras, green meadows and vibrant colors of flowers.

Kashmir is famous for its beautiful and natural scenery which beautifully covers vegetables, saffron varieties of flora and fauna throughout the valley. This beautiful land is well described as precious land where one can come and enjoy viewing flowering meadows and snow-capped peaks.

Besides this one can also come and enjoy the different kinds of agricultural products, fruit, herbs, minerals etc. the entire valley is well recognized as Perfection beyond this world makes Kashmir a paradise and owing to this reason the land is named as 'Switzerland of the East'.

In Kashmir one can enjoy the sparkling greenery of Summers where endless beauty never fails to charm the viewers with its changing scenes from dazzling white snow. In winters you will really get amazed since it is mesmerizing to see how this of Winters to blooming fragrance of Sprig and winds are blessing in the atmosphere.

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